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Basic Requirements

  • You must meet the minimum age restrictions to join our Academy. (Persons not meeting the restrictions will not be allowed to join the Academy).
  • You must a good understanding of the English language. Although some courses will be in a native language, it is important that your understanding of such language is proficient.
  • In some cases you may have to dedicate at least 10 hours per week to study your course
  • Basic Computer skills
  • Fast internet connection (at least 7mbs)
  • You must have a microphone (for meetings and webinars)
  • You must have a web-camera – For meetings with your instructor/mentor.
  • If your course requires a license for a particular software, then you must have these pre-installed before your course begins. These include all plugins.

Computer Requirements

  • PC or Mac
  • Minimum CPU: i3 or AMD A5
  • Memory: A least 8gb RAM
  • Video Card: GeForce or Radeon with at least 2GB RAM
  • Wifi Receiver
  • Good Microphone – Internal or external
  • For drawing: Wacom Cintiq or similar
  • Software Licenses

Fo other software and hardware requirements, please visit the following links for the vendors suggestions.

What to do in an online class...

  • Be polite to your colleagues and Mentor
  • If you have a question, wait until there is a break to ask it
  • Remove distractions from your area of study, especially your cellphone
  • Hand in your work on time to not fall behind in your course
  • Mute your microphone to not disturb other colleagues or students if you are not talking
  • Try to work in a light environment (protect your eyes and take breaks when needed)
  • Feel free to contact your mentor outside of lessons or webinars if you have any questions
  • Learn to take criticism of your work from your instructor with respect for the instructors experience
  • Try to network with other students and work in groups

If you ever have concerns or questions unrelated to the course and would like to speak to a member of the Sophoria Academy team, then contact us HERE.

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