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Animating an elephant or any other realistic character requires a set of skills that get better as you learn from each character. Simulating muscles in a character or animation rig that doesn’t have a muscle system built into the rig, is no easy task, especially in a heavy quadruped character. In this video, i will share with you a simple trick i have learnt over the years as to how to go about using the rig to create the illusion of the underlying muscles.

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Course Description:

Enroll in our online animation course to learn the essentials of animating an elephant walk cycle. Join Jonathan Symmonds, a quadruped creature animation specialist, who will guide you through the process of animating an elegant elephant walk cycle.

In this course, you’ll learn the secrets of working with similar curves, animating using a simple workflow, and improving your understanding of anatomy and locomotion. No prerequisites required! You’ll also learn to animate on animation layers and get feedback from your peers.

By the end of the course, you’ll have your own walk cycle to add to your demo-reel. Spice up your animation skills and showcase your talent with the help of the best instructors!

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What will I learn?

– Learn how to animate an elegant Elephant walking
– Learn secrets to working with similar curves
– Learn how to animate using a simple workflow
– Better your understanding of anatomy and locomotion
– Submit your work for review amongst peers
– No prerequisites required
– Learn how to animate on animation layers
– Learn from the best instructors
– Spice up your demo-reel

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