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dog walk cycle

Most animators can animate a character walking on the spot. However, animating a character walking forwards from there is another challenge altogether. In this free animation tip, Jonathan Symmonds explains the tricks to pull this maneuver off!

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We hope this helps with reference for young animators wanting to learn how to animate a quadruped walk cycle.

In this comprehensive course, master animator Jonathan Symmonds shares his secrets to achieving a photo-realistic quadruped walk cycle. Whether you’re a young animator just starting out or a seasoned pro looking to improve your skills, this course has everything you need to succeed.

With over three hours of expert instruction, you’ll learn how to animate a dog walking at a standard pace, work with similar curves, and use a simple workflow to achieve stunning results. You’ll also deepen your understanding of anatomy and locomotion, and have the opportunity to submit your work for peer review.

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What will I learn?
– Learn how to animate a dog walking at a standard pace
– Learn secrets to working with similar curves
– Learn how to animate using a simple workflow
– Better your understanding of anatomy and locomotion
– Submit your work for review amongst peers
– No prerequisites required
– Learn from the best instructors
– Spice up your demo-reel

Course Information:

Course Duration: 3 hours 05 minutes
Category: Animation
Price: $49 USD
No prerequisites required
Software required: Autodesk Maya 2019+
Instructor: Jonathan Symmonds, a quadruped creature animation specialist

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