Animation Bootcamp

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Animation Bootcamp

What will i learn?

In this 12 week course, you will be taught the 12 principles of animation that dictate the basic forms of animation.

You will engage in weekly classes and be assigned tasks to complete and submit for your mentor to review. You will be animating all kinds of wierd and wonderful things like bouncing balls and characters with no heads! You will learn about weight and timing, one of the two most important parts of animation.

You will be personally mentored by your instructor and they will guide you every step of the way to make sure you understand everything as you progress throughout the course. If you ever need anything or have questions whilst you are studying, they will available 24/7 in your personal chat rooms or forums.

You can also work alongside other students and share your progress as you go. Getting feedback from each other is vital and by partaking in this feature of the course you can learn faster and encourage one another in the early phases of understanding animation and learning the software.

Remember your instructor is always with you to answer any questions.

Who is it for?

This introduction course is for anyone with a passion for learning animation. Our co-founder, Jonathan Symmonds wanted to be an artist but he wasn’t sure which route to take. He decided to join an animation course and progressed up the ladder to become a very successful professional in this field.

Animation is not for everyone, that being said it is fun and exciting and you get to work with multiple characters and more importantly “personalities” that you manifest. Animation is a form of acting and expressing oneself through the performance and behavior changes of the character they animate. So go on, why not express yourself in this really fun and uplifting course with an incredible instructor!

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to animate with confidence and understand the animation software
  • create your very own walk cycles and understand the physics involved in animation principles.
  • be mentored by some of the leading artists and professional animators in the world
  • Set yourself up for the advanced course by graduating from the boot-camp!

Weekly Breakdown

  1. Introduction to Maya/ Bouncy ball
  2. Overlap and follow through
  3. Weight and timing
  4. Pose to pose/ straight ahead animation
  5. Basic walk cycle
  6. Character acting
  7. Lipsync and facial performance
  8. Character Interaction
  9. Personal integration of footage and character
  10. Group animation challenge
  11. Advanced walk cycles
  12. Final assignment/recap

Meet your Mentor

Jonathan Symmonds

Jonathan Symmonds has over 18 years of experience in Film, Tv, Commercials and the games industry. He has worked on films such as Avatar, Harry Potter, Prince of Persia, Nanny Mcphee, Dark Tide and was the Lead animator on the Game of Thrones for 5 years!

Jonathan Symmonds Showreel