Creature Animation

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Creature Animation

What will i learn?

In this 12 week course, you will learn how to animate creatures, including our very own “Atourian” dragon character.

You will engage in weekly classes and be assigned tasks to complete and submit for your mentor to review. Animating a creature is a lot different to animating characters. The style of animation is different and there are many more limitations when it comes to animating a creature. For example in real life, there is no such thing as squash and stretch (which is exaggerated in character cartoon style animation techniques) therefor you will learn how to add realistic animation timing and weight to beasts like our dragon.

You will be personally mentored by your instructor and they will guide you every step of the way to make sure you understand everything as you progress throughout the course. If you ever need anything or have questions whilst you are studying, they will available 24/7 in your personal chat rooms or forums.

You can also work alongside other students and share your progress as you go. Getting feedback from each other is vital and by partaking in this feature of the course you can learn faster and encourage one another in the early phases of understanding animation and learning the software.

Remember your instructor is always with you to answer any questions.

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at animators that want to specialize in creature animation rather than cartoon style animation. Attention to detail and doing your own research on behavior and volume of the creatures you will work with is going to be the biggest challenge.

Animation is not for everyone, that being said it is fun and exciting and you get to work with multiple characters and more importantly “personalities” that you manifest. Animation is a form of acting and expressing oneself through the performance and behavior changes of the character they animate. So go on, why not express yourself in this really fun and uplifting course with an incredible instructor!

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to animate with confidence and understand the animation software.
  • Work with our very own “Atourian” dragon rig.
  • Be mentored by some of the leading artists and professional animators in the world.
  • Create realistic performances with a thorough understanding of weight and timing.


Weekly Breakdown

  1. Introduction to the course
  2. Learn basic weight principles
  3. Animate a roar
  4. Physics of advanced animation
  5. Animate a flight cycle
  6. Advanced weight excersize
  7. Adding secondary animation
  8. Set up final animation shots
  9. Portfolio development
  10. Group animation challenge
  11. Final advanced acting
  12. Work on final delivery of performance

Meet your Mentor

Jonathan Symmonds

Jonathan Symmonds has over 18 years of experience in Film, Tv, Commercials and the games industry. He has worked on films such as Avatar, Harry Potter, Prince of Persia, Nanny Mcphee, Dark Tide and was the Lead animator on the Game of Thrones for 5 years!

Jonathan Symmonds Showreel